Company Profile

The (Al Nour) and office and technical equipment from prestigious centers specializing in various types of personal and business offices and public and private companies and banks are equipped with the latest cameras, printers and office furniture and equipment monitoring, alarm and alternative energy under the best in technology logo, is an ancient name of the distinctive trademark in this area

The beginning of activity

The name (Nour) and office and technical equipment did not come from a vacuum, the center began its activities in Syria within the city of Homs and the effort and determination to succeed and reach the highest levels with the increase in the volume of activity expansion at our thanks to your confidence and your dealings Permanent

Current headquarters and expansions

With increasing activity center and increase its clients was to be the expansion of the new headquarters to accommodate this increase and meet the work requirements of customers, management has the work of a comprehensive expansions to meet the steady increase in the center building, and as a result of these efforts, business has increased the ability to meet all copiers, printers and accessories requirements.

Department of devices and cameras

Believes marker light to its customers all devices

(Cameras, printers, Blauterat Faxes, money counters, coin detector devices, and all the world-class imaging and printing special libraries engineering machines) and prices distinctive and competition

Sales Department

It consists of printers, copiers kits

Ensure you secure the sales of all types of inks from the original manufacturer’s Department

It is a leading global brands in the inks industry

And high quality with savings and the economy in operating expenses through new inks

And is compatible with all printers and high-quality

The price of a competitor, and undertakes center for its clients to ensure quality inks

The integrity of any defects or workmanship defects in quality and get a real bail

Cameras and digital recording section (dvr)

In the technical age we live in has become the use of surveillance cameras is something essential, both in companies, hospitals, schools, government and private bodies and all walks of life

Enables surveillance cameras to follow your business either from the work site, or elsewhere, to ensure security and prevent theft or manipulation

They are more requirements that you need any large organization or small, and even at homes or shops level.

So surveillance cameras works to protect property and secured against the risk of theft or infringement upon

Features special surveillance systems

Date Blsot possibility of the neighborhood and the picture for a long time

The possibility of contact and follow-up through the Internet from anywhere in the world

Living up through the monitor or the computer screen is one divided into several parts

View cameras on the computer screen or TV or any other screen

Maintenance and Technology Department

Section consists of technical and specialist consultant and experienced staff in all functional and technical faults

Perform maintenance and emergency repairs quickly and efficiently replay

Minimize the occurrence of faults and caused an economic loss due to stop working machines

And exclusively for us on the continuity of the work you have submitted in our maintenance department contracts (maintenance and operation)

And which can offer you a contract in which all services

Pttalbha that work, to ensure the continuity of the operating performance of the business of the regular maintenance and emergency for all office and technical services

Department furnishings:

Keen on excellence and quality in the light Vanhn center customer care of all aspects of its needs of office furniture and tables where we have supplied all the furniture of high quality and all types of office chairs ranks of world-class leader of the most famous brands in international markets

Pre-sales services

The importance of these services to the wishes and needs and preferences of consumers and the direction of the anticipated demand for the commodity, and these services

1_(altodahat) before making a purchase

2_alhsol a special booklet (Ktaluk) for the printer or machine imaging or even product was chosen by the client

3_(aalam) consumer services and guarantees provided to him by the Center


Get the warranty period for the product of the month to one year from date of purchase

Replacement within the terms of the warranty for a period within 24 hours

In the event of any damage or defect in the manufacturing Estrada customer is entitled to a full refund or replace it with another product

The warranty covers defects art industry and the resulting malfunctions

After-sales service

It is services that are based on transport, repair, maintenance, installation and replacement of the product or parts that have been damaged when use

Transport: secure the transfer of the products sold by it to the customer, where the movement of goods and a big heavy weight, Kaalat imaging machines, printers, and other drag-and-center

Product workout and outfitted by the center and inform the customer on how to operate

The client get a special notebook machine maintenance service of the statement of reform and spare parts department

Secure all accessories and spare parts and maintenance products sold

Provide information and instructions for use brochure and list of possible failures and ways to avoid them

We offer the most powerful quotations for employers offices and institutions, public and private companies in addition to discounts on quantities