Company profile :

The (Al Nour) and office and technical equipment from prestigious centers specializing in various types of personal and business offices and public and private companies and banks are equipped with the latest cameras, printers and office furniture and equipment monitoring, alarm and alternative energy under the best in technology logo, is an ancient name of the distinctive trademark in this area

The beginning of activity

The name (Nour) and office and technical equipment did not come from a vacuum, the center began its activities in Syria within the city of Homs and the effort and determination to succeed and reach the highest levels with the increase in the volume of activity expansion at our thanks to your confidence and your dealings Permanent

Current headquarters and expansions

With increasing activity center and increase its clients was to be the expansion of the new headquarters to accommodate this increase and meet the work requirements of customers, management has the work of a comprehensive expansions to meet the steady increase in the center building, and as a result of these efforts, business has increased the ability to meet all copiers, printers and accessories requirements.